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Art of 5 to 8 years old

Posted Feb 24, '13 at 1:31pm



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i was one day playing fantasy online a good MMO Rpg game my little brother wanted to draw and he looked at my character and my name and some enemys so he drawed me at paint and he maked a badger that looked like me hes very good drawing so i decided the idea of this well here is what he drawed and my name is damian


Posted Feb 24, '13 at 2:10pm



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Ermm... You have to upload the image up to an online image hosting website like photobucket or some other website you can think of. Then, paste it's URL with the image function...


Posted Mar 8, '13 at 8:34pm



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I can tell that you're not very good with computers. xD What Chrome said. You have to find your picture upload it some any image hosting website then find the link of the picture that works for the forums and paste it here. Don't forget to to make "IMG" and "/IMG" into lowercase letters and not capital letters or else the picture may not work.

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