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[Answered] Quest problem!!!

Posted Feb 25, '13 at 4:24am



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Hello Community,

i played the game infectonater 2 trough, before there where
quests for it. Can i get this quests without play the game again?


Posted Feb 25, '13 at 9:43am



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I think you need to play the game through a second time atraazarlee... the Quests won't be given out completely when you load your previously saved game. Only the ones that are marked "Easy" might be given if you play a level in your 'old game' again (if that is possible), so... no, sorry! =)


Posted Feb 25, '13 at 9:52am



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I got 11/13 the first time i played it (again^^), but one of my online saves was not finished, so if you have a saved game which isnt completed thy it with that one, but if you have only completed games, then i would say... fresh start^^


Posted Feb 25, '13 at 11:31am



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If you had online save (or a local save that has stayed on your machine) then when you start up the game -- and I think get to the map screen -- it should award you quests.  Note this may not be true for all of our Quest enabled games, but I believe Infectonator acts in this way.

But like any game, depending on a particular quest's logic, it may not know if you have accomplished it in the past.   So, you may have to do some of them again.

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