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The Two Castles

~The Story~
The story begins with Castle Terrus, the greatest landmark in the world of Terra Novus. The castle itself was over a mile wide and housed thousands upon thousands of citizens. The King was a just and honorable man and ruled his kingdom from his castle in an age of peace that spanned nearly a thousand years. All was quiet and calm. Then, as with all stories, a single man became prideful. He saw that the King was aged and vulnerable. He was living in a generation that had never heard of war, much less seen it. He forced his way to the throne room and demanded the king bow to him. The King drew his sword. Enraged, the man vowed that he would not rest until Terrus had fallen.

The days grew dark after that. Swords were forged. Speeches were given. Hatred and envy grew. The King and the Man built their armies continually. The citizens of Castle Terrus experienced fear for the first time. An era of war and hatred was coming. The King, in his wisdom, knew that he could stop the oncoming war by stopping the Man behind it. He challenged him to a duel on the tallest tower. He accepted at once. When he arrived, the King grabbed him, disarmed him and threw himself, along with the Man, from the tower to their death.

The result was chaos. The armies, both bent on avenging their fallen leader, decimated each other. The mighty Castle Terrus fell. Each side retreated from each other to the edge of Terra Novus. There they decided to build their own castle. One for the Kingdom and the future restoration of peace, and one for Anarchy and the future destruction of peace.

Ages and ages passed, each side building a greater and taller and mightier castle. Each passed to the next generation their quest: to build the castle and fight. However, as the generations passed, that message faded away. Now, the castle residents live as they please, enjoying the freedom from the influence of the other castle. This is where your story begins: in the age of the Two Castles.

~The Rules~

-This is an adventure RPG. You will be fighting monsters, finding chests, solving Dungeons, killing bosses and earning all kinds of epic Legendary gear. It is divided into classes and involves turn-based combat. If thatâs what youâre looking for, this is it.
-No profanity, crude language, lewd comments, etc.
-No spam, trolling, etc.
-No âgod-modding.â You are not a superpowered Destroyer of Worlds. You are a human.
-Use correct grammar and spelling. Donât expect much from me if you donât try.
-This is a level-based game with level-based weapons. You will start at L1, which means all your weapons will be L1. You can ONLY equip weapons/armor at your level. You have a 10-Item inventory to store items until later use, along with a Castle Vault (more on that later)
-No hunger, thirst, stamina or exhaustion stats. Yay!
-Players who played the previous version, âEpicâs Tactical Base vs Base Strategy RPG,â will receive a Starter Pack bonus (more below)

~The Game~
You are a Hero of the Kingdom or a Hero of the Anarchy. Each side has a castle. For a very basic reference, imagine the original Red-vs-Blue âHALOâ map. Neither side has superior elements. Names will be changed on weapons and enemies may be different, but nothing significant.
You are loyal to your Castle and your Castle alone. You cannot defect.
This what you do:
Travel to different locations (on the Active Map) to fight monsters, explore dungeons, etc.
Explore the Castle (your castle is old and full of secrets. Locked doors, hidden rooms, etc).
Upgrade the Castle (to access more rooms and other things)
Buy/Sell at the Castle or at Towns
Be awesome.

~The Game Master~
I am Matt, and I am the GM. I will be controlling the environments, the bosses, the EXP and the dropped items. I will update this game at least once a day. I have added a âMessage Boardâ section to the GM Sheet (it lists all the elements of the game per day) to ask me questions or make suggestions, such as âCan I use this weapon?â or âI think you need more elemental monsters.â If you complain, complain there. If you complain frequently, you will be dealt with. I am, ultimately, the final authority on this game. Donât freak out, I always reply to comments and I will provide hints if you need them.

There will be action, comedy, cut-scenes (for boss kills) and hidden references. I may throw out a âGuess this thing, get 200 EXPâ every so often. You may find shout-outs to movies or video games along the way. If you have a good idea for a new weapon/armor/boss, post it in my âMessage Boardâ section.

~The Sheets~
There are several sheets you will see and you need to understand them. Iâll post all of them right off.

GM Sheet: This gives the day, weather, time, castle stats, character sheets, and several other important elements. Pay attention to this. When it is rainy, you wonât be able to see monsters as quickly. When it is dark, more monsters will spawn. Etc.

Class Sheet: This gives the templates for all classes, along with a description of each.

The Store: All available items, plus prices.

The Starter Packs: Previous players can choose TWO (yes, I changed it to TWO) of the following:
-Your previous Level (to find better weapons and armor and such)!
-Any one weapon or armor item!
-Your previous location (if you were in a dungeon or something)!
-Your companion or pet!
-A 50% Coupon for all (yes, ALL) Castle Store items (the Level limit still applies, donât buy L8 armor if youâre L5)! This is called the â50-POCâ (50 percent off coupon) and it is an Inventory item.

Good News: The Castles will NOT be attacked or breached anytime soon, so don't spend Gold on defeneses. Go adventuring.

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Name: Kylelolcat, 380 HP, 100 MP
Class: Juggernaut, Level 4, EXP (0/500)
Weapon(s): Straight sword (L1), TnT
Armor: Steel Knight Armor (L1), Steel Knight's Helmet (L1)
Inventory: (1/10), Failsword (T9), Knight's Shield (L1)
Panther Sensai: Lvl 3, 170 HP 0 MP
Class: Trainer, Panther
Weapon: Panther Claws (T3), Panther Fangs (T3), Retracting Blade (T3)
Armor: Midnight Tunic (T3)
Inventory (1/10): Stealth Robe

Since he'll be expecting the torch, I'll prepare a sword counter.

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Name: Sonic, 150 HP, 50 MP
Class: Assassin, Level 2, EXP (50/200)
Weapon(s): True Light's Flight (L2), Throwing knife (L1) [Link Chain]
Armor: Stealth Robes (L1) Assassin's Hood (L2)
Inventory: (3/10) Wolfpup Fur (L1), Poison Vial, Gold (10)

let's see if there's a inn near-by. maybe I can play more cards.

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Name: Shadow, 200 HP, 100 MP
Class: Knight, Level 3, EXP (0/300)
Weapon(s): Straight sword (L1), Knightâs Shield (L1)
Armor: Steel Knight Armor (L1)
Inventory: (2/10) M Capture Orb (@50), 50-POC, Gold (15)
Name: Wolfdog (L2), 120 HP, 0 MP
Class: Monster, Wolf
Weapon: Wolf Claws (L2), Wolf Fangs (L2)
Armor: Wolfdog Fur (L2)
Inventory: None

(Crape, that's not good.) I try to do a whirlwind spin to get the wolf off, (that is if I can.)

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Name: Rick, 250 HP, 100 MP
Class: Juggernaut, Level 2, EXP (100/200)
Weapon(s): Straight sword (L1), Tower Shield (L1)
Armor: Steel Knight Armor (L1), Steel Knight Helmet (L1)
Inventory: (3/10), Red Bear Fur (L1), Knightâs Shield (L1), 50-POC, Gold (25)

You unlock the back door and walk up to the next floor. The room is considerably smaller, since you are nearing the top of the castle. You are faced with the same set-up, although, instead of a door at the back wall, there is a thick stone pillar in front of you with a locked skull-emblem door. It apparently leads to a circular staircase. There are again two doors on either side. After a brief examination, though, you notice, on the other side of the pillar, that there is a keyhole in the middle of the stone. There is no door or hatch or even at outline. It is just a keyhole.

I'll go right to the boss.
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Name: Viet Anh, 100 HP, 50 MP
Class:Assassin, Level 1, EXP (0/100)
Weapon(s): Curved dagger (L1) Throwing knife (L1)
Armor: Stealth Robes (L1)
Inventory: (1/10) Poison Vial, Gold (0)

I pick kingdom

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New GM sheet tomorrow. Until then, enjoy some concept art of a potential NPC companion: Mella, Assassin of the Kingdom.

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Name: Bluydee, 600 HP, 400 MP
Class: Summoner, Level 5, EXP (550/750)
Weapon(s): Mage Javelin (L4)
Armor: Mageâs Robe (L1)
Inventory: (3/10) Attack Book (L5: Fire [50MP], Lightning [50MP], Ice Wave [50MP]), Defense Book (L5: Heal-200 [100MP]), Mage's Staff(L1), Gold (85)
Summondex (1/?): Lightning Bishop (Rare L5. 500HP [250MP]

You enter the White Forest (L1). It's a peaceful place. Everything is green, except for the bleach-white trunks of the trees. To your right is a thick hedge that you can't quite get through. Ahead is a signpost with two arrows, but you can't read them without getting closer because of the rain.

I move closer to read the sign.
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Name: Vekel Kasivius, 1100 HP, 0 MP
Class: Barbarian, Level 6, EXP (0/1000)
Weapon(s): Combat Axe (L1), War Hatchet (L1)
Armor: Skin (L6), Leather vest (L1)
Inventory: (2/10) Round Shield (L1), 50-POC, Gold (0)

Let's head down to that table and take a close look at it, then examine the fireplace.

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Name: SubZero, 250 HP, 100 MP
Class: Ranger, Level 2, EXP (100/200)
Weapon(s): Elvish Straightbow (L2), Hunting Knife (L2)
Armor: Leather Ranger Armor (L2)
Inventory: (2/10) Arrows (-/-), Hunting Knife (L2), Gold (15)

You follow Matt into the main castle, which is defended by another set of gates that arenât nearly as large as the first set. You notice a guard post on either side of the castle, but they are long since abandoned. The Great Hall is a ruin, with all of the furnishings and banners gone or torn, but there is plenty of light from two of fireplaces in each wall. Matt walks down the lane, glancing at the doors as he goes. You walk up a short, curved staircase that leads up to a second floor only about ten feet above the first and approach a heavy wooden door, reinforced by metal brackets and a solid lock. Matt pushes the door open, ignoring the lock, and you enter the Armory.

Itâs a long, rectangular room with an open arch instead of a door at each end and one directly ahead. Each door leads to a second rectangular room. The entire thing is shaped like a large circle with four rectangles surrounding it (the circle being the room directly ahead). Choose a room to explore (one of the four rectangles, including the one youâre standing in, or the circular one).

Sorry for the absence. Some things came up. I explore the rooms systematically, starting with the one I'm already in.
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Name: Max, 230 HP, 350 MP
Class: Summoner, Level 2, EXP (200/300)
Weapon(s): Mageâs Staff (L2)
Armor: Mageâs Robe (L1)
Inventory: (2/10) Attack Book (L1: Fire [50MP], Lightning [50MP]), Read Bear Fur, Gold (20),
Summondex: (1/?) Red Bear (L1 [100MP])

Okay, well your HP should end with 50 or 00. Whatever your HP was prior to this, add 50 to it. Add 50 MP as well.

You cannot electrocute yourself. MP attacks occur only when you decide to execute them. If you are swimming and you fire Lightning, you will get fried if your target is in water.

You enter the Great Hall. It is a wide, open hallway that has a set of stairs at the end of it, leading to a second story that is only five feet above the first. The first unlocked door you encounter is wooden and has no markings. The room you enter is a wide, square shape with very little light, since the storm outside only lights up the room through the slotted windows when lightning flashes. The floor is five or six feet below you, but there is a stone staircase leading to ground floor. At the center of the room is a table of some kind, but itâs difficult to see the other parts of the room. Out of the corner of your eye, you notice a fireplace set in the wall to your left, but it is unlit.
(Hmm, okay, let me get this straight, if you are in the water, lets say I'm fighting the Lady of the Lake, LoL for short, and I somehow fall into the water. I decide to fire a lightning, it hits her/it/him/whatever, but since I'm in the water as well, it carries over to me, and I get hit too? [Look at the bold in your quote.] Otherwise, I wouldn't be 'electrocuted, correct?)

I'll light the fire place with a fire spell, and check my surroundings. (Can lightning create a fire? Like how forest fires are created, lightning strikes a tree and it catches on fire.)

Ps. Should I update my sheet? If so it'll be...

Name: Max, 250 HP, 350 MP
Class: Summoner, Level 2, EXP (200/300)
Weapon(s): Mageâs Staff (L2)
Armor: Mageâs Robe (L1), Hunting Hood
Inventory: (2/10) Attack Book (L1: Fire [50MP], Lightning [50MP]), Gold (10),
Summondex: (1/?) Red Bear (L1 [100MP])

Don't know where Hunting Hood goes, so I added it to Armor for now. Also with your 'values' on HP, and MP(?), the HP would be 180 rounded to 200, since it wasn't 00 or 50, then added 50 for 250, correct?
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...Matt. Mella's a woman, right? Where's her...uh...defining characteristics? *Uses magnifying glass* ....Oh. Couldn't see them before. Then again, I suppose Assassins should be A-cupped to hide better. Heh.

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Sorry for not putting out a GM Sheet today, I had a good bit of farm work to do, which mostly involved cutting up a large tree (that had landed on the side of a hill), rolling logs, splitting them with an axe and dragging limbs. My left arm in particular now has visible red slashes across it. I didn't have the time or energy to post today. Apologies.

Sorry, I just don't frequently draw women. I have yet to perfect drawing what you call "defining characteristics" because I'm busy drawing stuff like this instead:
An updated, colored version of Mella will show up eventually. I need to adjust the position and shape of her eye, as well as tightening up a few buckles, sharpening a few lines and probably re-doing the pattern on her mask because I'm not happy with it.

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Oh...crap. I completely forgot about the updated sheet. I'm really sorry, guys. I'll try to get it updated tomorrow. Unfortunately, Tuesday to Thursday, I have training for work and will be very busy. And Friday is my birthday.

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Matt! How long you gonna keep that sheet from us? Oh, and happy B-day.

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Name: Gamer, 770 HP, 200 MP
Class: Ranger, Level 6, EXP (250/1000)
Weapon(s): Assassin Bow (L5) (Bayonet)
Armor: Hunting jacket (L1)
Inventory: (1/10) Arrows (-/-) [Deep Impact], Gold (5)
Name: Selphy (Gamer), 650 HP, 200 MP
Class: Archer, Level 5, EXP (250/750)
Weapon: Elfin Short bow (L4) + Poison (L2)
Armor: Monster Fur (L3)
Inventory (3/10): Arrows (-/-), Defense Book (L3: Healing 500 HP [50 MP]), Archerâs Poison Vial (L2)

There are eight doors in the Hall as of now. You can examine four at a time (because Iâm still working on the other four. Give me a break, I just had to wrap up an L3 Boss battle). You start with the first two doors on the left and right.
Door R1: Unlocked. No symbol, but the door is a light wood and has a handle
Door R2: Locked. It is made of thick wood and has a larger-than-normal keyhole with a picture of a Rook above it (like a chess piece).
Door L1: Unlocked. It bears the symbol of a large barrel and has âCellarâ stamped on it.
Door L2: Locked. It has a Ranger symbol on it and a very odd keyhole that has three thin slots, making a triangle, as though it required three small metal points to be inserted at the same time.

(Why exactly are you looking for an L10 boss made of stone?)

I go to the ranger door and tell selphy to stab an arrow in one of the slots while I stab two arrows into the two other slots at the count of three, if that does not work, I go and open the cellar door.

I would use the boss as a shield, trying to not be impaled, it an break my bayonet, hopefuly it will break swords.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY a bit early though
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