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Dream cars

Posted Mar 13, '13 at 6:42pm



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I love the Chrysler Crossfire and the BMW Z4 and I will post pictures, but as I am on my iPod right now, I obviously can't.


Posted Mar 13, '13 at 8:34pm



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My dream car is a 1971 volkswagen van. I just find them super cool but my mom has informed me that i might not find a working one because they were popular back then and most of them are used for parts D:

You won't believe how many VW vans (I call them Double Slug Bugs after a variant of the game Punch Buggy) there are still roaming the streets in Melbourne and Sydney. Mostly owned by surfie or backpacker types who like to live on the road.

I have so many indulgent fantasies about what car I'd like to drive (Agera S, Aventador, Koenigsegg CCX-R, Lotus Exige S... Hennessy Venom edition, McLaren's new F1 derivative to replace the MP4-12C or whatever it was called, the list goes on and on...) that really I don't think it's reasonable. So I will focus on cars that I can and will get.

It's a topaz yellow Honda Civic VTi-S MY13, lol. I test drove one the other week because I need a new car, and oh my goodness it is so refined and smooth and quality for a little hatchback. I reckon it's this year's winner in the hatch market... if you can afford shelling out a little extra.

Posted Nov 4, '13 at 5:24pm



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An Aston Martin would be nice... they are a work of art if nothing else and the DB5 is classic. Also, rather fond of the Jaguar e-type and Lambo's because they are mad.

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