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[Answered] Submit my score

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Posted Mar 2, '13 at 8:54am



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How can I submit my score, for example Gemcraft, Chapter one? Thanks


Posted Mar 2, '13 at 9:00am



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i dont believe gemcraft has ability to submit your high score.
only certain games have submitable scare, such as the papa's games.


Posted Mar 2, '13 at 9:26am



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I had to check to make sure, but both "GemCraft" and "GemCraft - Chapter 0" have no possibility to submit your score to the highscore cloud. Only the "GemCraft - Labyrinth" game has this possibility out of the three.

As for submitting your score for other games, this is different for each game, provided there is a highscore involved in that particular game. When playing a game, look for a "Submit Score" button in the game and the 'HighScore Cloud' will open in a window on top of the game asking you if you want to submit your score. (Note: Some games require a renewed login for the cloud.)

Question answered, thread locked! =)