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Why AG?

Posted Mar 9, '13 at 7:33pm



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I always just find myself coming back to the Armorgames forums because the quality of the threads can't be found anywhere else.

Or maybe it's just nostalgia?


Posted Mar 9, '13 at 8:23pm



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You've already indulged yourself more than 20,000 sentences on one website.

That's 600 pages of text (MLA).


Posted Mar 9, '13 at 8:26pm



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The community is nice and laid back, and the people here don't get worked up over sarcasm. The games are alright too.


Posted Mar 10, '13 at 4:29pm



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I was actually ready to joing Kongregate at first. In fact I had already filled out the form but it after I pressed the button "register" a captcha text appeared and asked me to put in the letters. I tried again and again but no matter if the letters were right or wrong I couldn't get past this screen. So I got angry and since I was visiting AG much more I decided to visit the community. I found a thread I liked really really much, and joined to put in my "special" post violating some rules in the way...What? It was my first post!

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