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[Answered] Necro-wha?

Posted Mar 4, '13 at 9:25pm



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How old does the previous post have to be for it to be a necro-bump? Does it change for Forum Games or the WEPR?


Posted Mar 4, '13 at 9:29pm



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There is no hard rule on necro'ing a thread. However, any thread more than a few months old should not receive a post unless it's a well-written one on a revivable thread. Generally, if a post is not well-written, it will be a necro if the thread is over a year old. Between 6 and 12 months old may or may not be a necro and is up to the mods' discretion.


Posted Mar 5, '13 at 2:42am



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*nods* Very well said there Patrick2011! =)

Also, to clarify... posts used to revive a thread with no more content but a "I agree", "...rules! ... FTW!!" or "I too think ... is awesome" (along those lines) is considered proper necro-spamming and the thread will be locked straight away. Just to give some examples. =)

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