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[Anwered] Want to find a game (Point and click Zombie game)

Posted Mar 8, '13 at 2:46pm



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Like the title says, need to find a old game (2010-2012) in the point and click format, with items below and stuff like that, about a girl and his boyfriend who run out of gasoline in the car in the middle on the road, and need to find more and continue through a road, then as you contine in the game you find that there are zombies and get to a mini market, the owner is an old man with glasses and black hair. The photo of the game was this old man (I think). I've been searching for a lot of time now, but with no avail. Perhaps you can help me?.



Posted Mar 8, '13 at 4:06pm



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Sounds like you're looking for Vorago.

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