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Most of us dedicating gamers are very excited about the new changes and then ones that are yet to come. Whom ever gave the idea to have quests was a genius. The only problem is that when you try to obtain all the quests you have to scroll through all the quests for ever game to find out which games have quests. So is there any way there could be an updated list or button that could tell us gamers which games have quests and how many quests there are?

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Right now there is a way to see and search through all the games that have Quests available in the Quests forum: Grand List of Official Quest Threads. This thread contains all the threads with Quest discussions for the games that have them.

Do note that the list hasn't been updated yet, since there have been 2 new games added with Quests since the last update on March 8th. This will soon be updated though.

As for the future, there are surely going to be changes in how the Quests can be searched and looked at, to see which Quests you still need to achieve. This only takes a little time and patience.

And on behalf of the ArmorGames staff, thank you for the praise! =)

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