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sorry mmo's

Posted Apr 2, '13 at 3:43pm



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I think I agree that you can play a game on here especially mmos and figure out if they are based only on microtransactions which most are. The most blatant on armor games being highgrounds which was an instant stop play for me. However Steel Legions works just fine without paying real money imo.


Posted Jul 25, '13 at 3:11pm



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in card monsters buying crap is the only way to get anywhere just like in highgrounds

I've noticed the "pay to win" trend in a number of "MMO"s here on AG. It's sick when it seems to be aimed at grade school children.

i've noticed too and armor games should stop hosting games like these especially when the game is single-player or not in mmo category because people know what to expect there


Posted Jul 27, '13 at 9:02pm



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Guess what? No one is forcing you to buy anything. You can get just as far if not further by spending the extra time to get better on your own.

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