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Sup people, it's Matt. Hopefully you already know me. If not, I'm a highly-active RPG player and Game Master for "The Two Castles" which has 12 players as of now (and only 8 are checking in. SHAME).
Two things first off:
1. For "The Two Castles" people, relax. I'm going to stay on top of that game. It's a priority, period.
2. The title of this game came from a riddle I posted in the "Riddles" thread. Eagle is a brand of playing card, so the title refers to a deck of cards. It just sounds cool.

The idea here is a card-playing role player. No stats, no "skills," etc. I have a very well-tuned card game setup in my RPG, but it was so much fun to do (only a few people have tried it) that I've seriously considered making an RP based on it. Here's the deal (get it?): I can play Blackjack for chips and Poker (Texas Hold 'Em) for chips. I have a few decks of cards on-hand and will physically deal the cards for your game, meaning that it will be entirely random-chance based.

But it doesn't have to stop there. I've considered adding a fighting element as well, where you end up getting beaten up by a corrupt owner and have to do some gunfighting, fighting, whatever. Granted, that will involve weapons and skills, turning it into more of an RPG, but it's all up in the air, which is why I'm making a kickstarter.

Here's the set-up for cards (very basic right now, since not everyone can work with poker chips, so I'm making a standard):
Chips to Cash ratio is 1 to 5.
1 = 5
2 = 10
5 = 25
10 = 50
20 = 100

Betting will always be âpot limitâ (aka, you cannot bid more than the pot currently holds), antes will remain constant (depending on your table) and blinds are switched off. The cards will be in brackets. They will look like this:

H = Hearts
C = Clubs
S = Spades
D = Diamonds
1-10 are the same
J, Q, K and A for face cards.
No Jokers.


Your cards (your current bid): [AC] [2S]
Opponentâs cards (his current bid): [??] [??]
(For Poker) The Board: [4S] [JH] [3D] [??] [??]

This is all in the developmental stage. It could just be people playing cards or it could have a small storyline of some kind. As far as backgrounds, you are all the same: Normal dude in a suit with some money to spend. No tycoons, no kids, no geniuses. No PvP interaction (because I can't keep your cards hidden from each other).

This could be a hit, or it could shuffle down into the bottom of the Forum Games archives (see the references there? I'm clever). Either way I want to put it out there.


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