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Has AG finally gone Pay-to-Play?

Posted Mar 18, '13 at 9:37pm



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Many games (particularly in the App Store) are free, but soon require paid content. However, it isn't Apple's fault. Apple isn't pay-to-play, the Apps are (mostly EA, you money-sucking knuckleheads). The same applies to Armor Games. You aren't paying AG for the content, you're paying the developer, since the developer programmed the "premium content."

Several of the Quests practically need premium content to earn, but they don't require it. They can all be achieved through an insane, almost inhumane amount of raw skill (I'm talking about you, "Give Up", and you don't even HAVE premium content). On top of that, premium content has been made available for free. Not long ago, Ferret (an Admin) hosted a thread in the Art section where, if you drew and posted a sketch of an adorable ferret, he would grant you premium content. That's how I got free Kingdom Rush content. If you frequent the site (or nag Ferret), you may see another contest of some kind show up.

Either way, Armor Games will have to fall a LONG way before it gets labeled "Pay to Play," and I will lose all faith in humanity if that day comes.


Posted Mar 19, '13 at 11:16am



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Well if some quests do turn out like that, think of it this way AG's employes have to make money somehow and if they don't then what will happen to AG. So they would some very good reasons for it.

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