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Nerf talk (The N-strike elite rampage)

Posted Mar 19, '13 at 9:53pm



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The rampage is the best nerf blaster. It has superior range, extremely accurate, Good reliability, high fire rate, and high ammo cap.the downside is not the lack of accessories, but the price tag. It cost about 2,500.00 in Philippine money.
It's an improvement to the Raider CS-35. Unlike the Raider, It has no stock, but has a 25 dart drum. If you disagree, go to my profile and tell why.


Posted Mar 20, '13 at 5:50pm



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Meh, I used to like Nerf guns five or six years ago. My favorite was the one that could hold six darts (!) at a time.

Now it just haunts me with the occasional dart that I find when cleaning out the basement.

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