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Chronicles of Blood White page

Posted Mar 19, '13 at 11:32pm



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So I was attacking someone on Chronicles of blood recently, and my computer bugged out and shutdown. I loaded it back up to play Chronicles of Blood, and now all I get when I try to go to the game is a white page with nothing on it at all. I can't scroll up or down, there's nothing, not even the comments and information at the bottom of the screen. Is this fixable, or am I locked out of Chronicles of Blood forever?


Posted Oct 2, '13 at 7:51pm



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i have a similar problem: when i try to load the game, the game screen shows up for a second, then the comments come up and covers it up. Does anyone know how to fix this?


Posted Oct 25, '13 at 1:36am



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I have the same problem since the last ca. 3 days.

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