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Cursed Treasure 2 Walkthroughs

Posted Mar 20, '13 at 2:52am



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Here are some walkthrough for Cursed Treasures 2. It appears that with updates the Iron mechanical bosses are no longer effected by Fear, making it much harder to beat these levels. Also these walkthroughs for Cursed treasures was done with minimal xp points per level, so most likely you will have more points at your disposal, making levels even easier if you use our strategies- Cursed treasure 2 walkthroughs


Posted Mar 22, '13 at 10:27pm



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Yeah, the mechanical helicopter bosses are the only reason I can't get 3 stars on the last two levels. Anyone know how to stop them?


Posted Mar 23, '13 at 1:22pm



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The trick to dealing with the bosses is to not allow yourself to horde too much money trying to feel a false version of safe. Although you may be dominating the waves previous to the boss, the bosses are much much harder obviously. So as your game is progressing, spend every bit of money you can very soon. The earlier the towers go down, the higher level they will be for the boss, thus proving more effective. The problem with this mindset is in the beginning you do need to level up a select few towers to make sure you stop the waves, but once you get more in the clear, that is when you need a tower in every tactical position once you have the money. Any tower that can see the path is a useful tower! Earlier you put them there, better they are for boss. This strategy proved very effective for myself as by the final waves i had so many places with towers and most were at least level 3, then of course originals and high ground ones were already at 5 and others at 4, so bosses did not stand a chance.
This may take a while to learn when to start dumping out your extra gold, but if you get what im saying and do it right, it will work!

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