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The Song Thrift Shop Is Awesome!!!

Posted Apr 20, '13 at 5:42pm



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The "clean" version is for kids who want to listen to the song in front of their parents without getting slapped.

Lol... I always listen to explicit Eminem and then my dad walks in and is like wtf...

Posted Apr 23, '13 at 11:18am



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I find the clean version hilarious due to all the cuts. They played it during prom, which was the first time I heard it, and I was fascinated by the avant-garde rhythm he was laying down. Then I realized that, nope; it's just the edited version.

Otherwise, meh, it's alright.


Posted Apr 24, '13 at 3:27am



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It's a bit overrated, but I'm glad Macklemore has gotten some exposure. He was a solid underground rapper before "Thrift Shop" came out.

There're plenty of songs on The Heist that are better though.

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