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April Fools

Posted Apr 1, '13 at 10:03pm



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who said that they record anything? the only use they have is to glow. do you remember that the episode with the angels was an interactive episode, meaning that the angels did not move because we watched them?
Which one?

~~~Darth Caedus

Posted Apr 2, '13 at 3:28am



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1. Make mashed potatoes
2. Mix black beans in
3. Mold into cookie shapes
4. Put in oven until they brown.
5. Have someone eat them.

That would be the worst prank for me, were I half-asleep. I enjoy cookies the most, yet have cookies so scarcely.

Posted Apr 2, '13 at 5:24am



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Which one?

this one:

i heard/read somewhere that the angels did not move when we looked at them through the cameras.

so the angels would not move because they would think that someone watches them so i can walk past them.

the angels can try to touch me...they will never get past my force-field...try to get through it and you get ported into the core of a young sun...

Posted Apr 2, '13 at 1:25pm



10,172 posts bout that AG April Fools prank. Whew!

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