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Strike Force Heroes 2 In-Depth Guide (By: Reton8)

Posted Feb 1, '14 at 11:14am



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Your guides are amazing!



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To solve most challenges, especially for MarketPlace, use SNIPER above all as you can just stand at the bottom shooting blindly in horizontal making oneshot kills continuously.

In Factory levels you can camp at the top of te transport-beam and duckshot anything what comes up there.

For Flag/Bag capture (except Defection) you can camp at one point disposing advancing enemy units - your troop will sooner or later finish the objective.

Wizards in Space:
bring the Mercenary with blast-proof armor. I managed to win with 10 extra ahead the Point Leader with him.

Night of the Ninja:
just camp in the tunnel on the right side of the trampolin until you run out of ammo when just come out and die. This mission is shooting down sitting ducks.


Posted Apr 15, '14 at 1:13am



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Thanks for the guide. I realy needed it.

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