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How to get started on the adventure of game design

Posted Apr 3, '13 at 10:49pm



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So you want to make a game eh? Well firstly you need to know how the game works, and what's required. Each and every game that exist on the internet is made out of code, a code is a programming language the computer reads like a manual then does all what it tells it to do. To make a good game it takes a LOOOONG time to develop EVERY SINGLE LINE of code.

This topic is not to each you how to code, but how to get you started. Now time for whats required, Adobe Flash Professional, probably the most popular program to develop games. 95% of all 2D games are made on that program.

Link to Adobe --->
The program cost A BUTT LOAD OF MONEY! So my advice is to just use the free trial, and do your best until it expires.

I'm not going to give full instructions on how to use the program but i'm sure someone as smart as you will figure it out, but if you want some extra help search "How to make a game in flash" on Youtube.

Before i end this topic, i just wanna say i'm developing my own game. And i will be trying to publish it very soon.

Best of luck to you, and goodbye.


Posted Apr 3, '13 at 11:48pm



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you can also use flex its same with less stuff but most importantly its FREE

FLEX download

you can do more research on it but

FLEX with Actionscript


Posted Apr 6, '13 at 6:00pm



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Yeah, there are loads of free tools for making flash games.

I use Flex, FlashDevelop, and Flixel.

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