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How do I switch characters? Sorry if this is a dumb question, but i'm a beginner at this.


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Bottom left, you can see your 4 chars, the lower right is not active, to switch them just click on this charfield, new window opened, each of the 4 chars has a lil "arrwoicon" in the upper irght corner, click on that "arrowicon" and you can move the char to another location in this window, just place him wherre you want and click on that "arrowicon" again, voila chars changed.

This can be used to change the chars order in battle and to set one on the sideline.

you can salso switch chars while into battle, --> "tactics" --> "switch to backup", this let you backup char replace the choosen char.


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Just did the 3M damage at level 35 - without a critical hit, no less. Definitely possible to do it a level or two before that.

What you need to do is:

1) Equip Natz with: Hela Staff (+Dark Damage, inflicts Curse), Dark Bauble (most Magic Attack), Dark Gown (most MA) and Balance Badge (10 extra MA).

2) Give Natz every Cake in the game, buy as many from the Rare Shop in Whitefall that you can. At the end of the game, I had +70% on her from Cake. Total MA with equipment and cake at level 35 = 2148.

3) Have the following skills maxed on Natz - Judgement (inflicts Weaken), Charm (buffs MA), Black Hole (limit break, 500 power).

4) Give somebody else the following skills Temper (Brave), Absolute Zero (limit break, high chance of Freeze).

5) Charge Natz Limit Break.

I did this fighting the Gold Dragon on the bridge one screen left of Godcat. I used the Dragon because he has -100% Dark resistance, and has enough HP that you can hit him with things like Absolute Zero and not die.

Progression for the fight:

1) Start the battle, and kill off the 2 Monoliths that come in the first wave with him.

2) Attack the Dragon with Judgement to heal him to full. Any time the Dragon dips anywhere near half health, use Judgement on him again to heal him, so a counter attack doesn't kill him.

3) Attack the Dragon in melee with Natz to auto inflict Curse (Hela Staff) to start draining his Magic Defense. You may want to hit him 2 times so he gets a long-lasting stack.

4) Hit the Dragon with Judgement until he has a long lasting stack of Weakness on him (doubles Dark damage).

5) Buff Natz MA with Charm or the item Milk, use Temper to give her Brave.

6) At the start of every round, use your other 2 members to try and Freeze the Dragon - I used Absolute Zero first, then just spammed the Frost Sprite summon (you can use it 6 or 7 times so don't worry about the SP). The Dragon has decent Freeze resistance, it may take a couple turns (took me 3 turns), but it will freeze eventually. If he isn't frozen when it is Natz turn, just alternate buffing her MA back to full and using Judgement to heal and extend his Weaken, and if absolutely necessary, reapply Curse. Be careful about hitting him with Hela Staff melee attacks once he is debuffed - I actually killed him in 1 shot with a critical hit when he was fully debuffed.

7) When the Dragon is inflicted with Weakness, full Magic Defense debuff (-50 from stacking Curse) and Freeze, use Natz Black Hole. Collect Achievement!

With the above strategy, I did 3,229,108 WITHOUT a Critical Hit, even though I had Brave.


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The Leet Hacker Medal is not as difficult as it seems. The only real challenge is opening the door. The Glitch is just a pushover.

On a side note, I FREAKING LOVE THE COSMIC MONOLITH!!!!! It saved my life against Godcat's Creator form. DEFEAT THE GLITCH TO OBTAIN IT.


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no matter how hard i try it will not give me the instant kill quest!! and if you can tell me why pls come to my profile:


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There is some skills and summons that have insta-kill abilities.


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[b]how to get a 3 M damage? ._. it seems impossible XD


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how to get a 3 M damage? ._. it seems impossible XD

Maybe this could help you:

Epic battle fantasy 4 - 3 million damage step-by-step guide

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i did only 600.000 damage ((( any help??

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