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Most important language/ universal language

Posted Jun 16, '13 at 11:25am



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Haha, well yes, Africa has thousands of languages, but the big few that are universally understood are, English, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, Mandarin (up and coming). Yes, it's all very neo-colonial, but hey, that's what we colonised folk were bequeathed. So, I do think it will become a success story one day.

Some random kid in Africa even shouted Ni Hao! at me.


Posted Jun 16, '13 at 1:56pm



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Well Africa can be used to import cheap things but it depends on which part of Africa, right?

not really.

there are so many different languages there

thats no reason to not do business.
there are about 2500-3000 languages in africa but they often look allot like each other. like german is almost dutch and flemish. or spanish is almost portuguese. here is a map of the major differences in africa.
as you can see the bottom half of africa looks allot like each other.
and on a side note, english in better spread in africa then it is in asia.

there and it cant become a mass producing country without some sort of large scale unification between areas.

eatch country has a government...
and the african union consists of 54 nations. almost all of africa. just 3 or so not.

you cant totally industrialize one part of africa due to bandits and pirates, right?

if we take fast look that would indeed be what one would think.
but if you question yourself why these people are bandits and pirates then you will see that they do not want to be bandits/pirates. in case of the somalian pirates: these people are actually native fishers. their family have for generations after generations been fishers there. but the western large fishing ships literally emptied their fishing area. leaving them whitout fish/money/food.
out of desperation and hate for these fishing ships they start to kidnap them. at 1st for a few 100 thousand dollar. but since they got that way to easy. they have gone the price up to 2kk per person on the ship.
now this attracted more people that are not fishers. you can work in somalia your *** of for 30 dollar per year. or hijack 1 ship and earn around 1kk per 6months... what would you choose if you got no hope in finding a better life?
BUT, what if they do have a option for a good earning job? if you invest in somalia and are able to give them a future then they are the greatest people on earth. they will be happy to leave behind the dangers they face on the sea or hard labor on the land. and work for you.

if the future industrious leaders pissed off the wrong people, their whole operation could be gone within a day.

that is absolutely true.
if you are not accepted in the community then you can forget it.
if you are accepted in the community then you will be defended like the rest.
and trust doesn't come in a day.

without some sort of recognization on a global level for something other than "come here to do volunteer work", a lot of people would probably take it as a joke.

the african nations and it's people are not promoting that. but they dont dislike it either. you come to work for free? sure thing, go ahead. ^^
the "help africa" organizations or promoting to do voluntary work.

let me give you a example of a good market in africa.
its the mobile phone and especially the mobile network market.
in africa about 80% of the people have a mobile phone while only 3% have a home connection. often only 1 connection per village that the entire village is using. but the mobile network in africa is very bad. in most of the places people do not have connection. and they need to bicycle up a hill outside of town. and climb the tree on top to get 1 bar of connection.
a satellite phone would suffice this problem but there are no cheap satellite phones anymore in the western market. so it's to expensive for them.
so we have 2 markets here that can be exploited. 1. the satellite phone: if you can make a cheap phone, you are almost certain to sell them allot. making you millions from it. or invest in the mobile network. and make people to use your connection and make even more millions for a longer period.

and like this, there are many more things that africans have need for and where we can make good money from them.

Posted Jun 16, '13 at 6:14pm



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Yeah most of my stuff was wild guesses in the dark, but this is informative! Thanks~

I meant the volunteer thing as in, what comes to peoples minds first. which is volunteer work. Not that each area advertises for it and such.

and the languages wouldnt prohibit work from happening, it would just be more difficult if you had a prospective area in mind, that contained 2-5 different language speakers.

but as for that side note you have, id like proof? isnt english taught as a mandatory class in china? thats what my teacher told me, and i trust her a wee bit more than you. but yeah source that side note and ill gladly retract the doubt.

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