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I was very moved by this TED talk, and want to share it with everyone:

Educational, but fun, games. There is a market for it. I was recently involved in a project were a gaming company was commissioned $240,000 USD to make an educational for the US Military for use on 3rd world kids. I think this is a great website to hand this idea to. Programers and Designers, please make an educational game that is fun to play. If you yourself don't get picked up for something, I know you will be paving the road for having games in the classroom. I have seen several good typing games, but I look forward to the ideas of others. I personally made a game years ago to get through a college course involving the stars and needing to know about them.

I once dreamed of making an MMO were if you wanted to be a medic in the game, you would take actual CPR and EMT classes that were fun and interactive. I hope I can reach one person with this post who will help make educational games that are fun to play, because I plan on teaching, and want to be the one to hands my kids the games they play.

Thank you for your time. Please post feedback.

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If you have FGL account you can take a look at my game, Ninja Cat and Zombie Dinosaurs. It's a typing game mixed with quick action platform. I think it has edutainment value.

And when it comes to learning and fun... indeed, zombie dinosaurs make learning typing fun! no matter if you're a boy or girl.

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