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Hey there, I'm a massive fan of flash games and have have been hanging around ArmorGames for quite a while now and recently decided to make an account.

Anyway, on to the point of this thread: I wish to learn how to make flash games. I know, it isn't something I can learn over night and I know it won't be easy, so don't start assuming that I'm not willing to put the effort in. After all, I taught myself quite a bit of HTML and CSS a couple of years ago.

So a few questions to anyone with a decent amount of Flash knowledge under their belt - How did you start out? What are some of the tutorials you used? What handy little programs do you use, that make development easier on yourself? How long did it take to gain the experience to make your first (might not be all that good) game?

I'd like to thank anyone who replies to this thread in advance, I'm sure there's someone here that can help.

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this tut here will help you to understand how to build classes

One frame
One layer
No items on the Stage
No code in the timeline
No code in any symbols

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Hi, I started learning how to make Flash games in 2012 and recently released my first game.

I started by trying to code directly within Flash Pro, but it's kind of weird, in my opinion.

I got a free program called FlashDevelop, which is a very helpful programming IDE. You can use it for other languages than just AS3 as well.

With the Flex SDK from Adobe, which is also free, you can compile SWF files without Flash Pro. You can create something that will look and feel exactly like a proper Flash game without spending hundreds.

Lastly, I found a nifty little game engine called Flixel, also free. Flixel is very easy to learn and you can get a prototypes up and running in minutes. The community is still moderately active, though the creator has kind of ignored it for the last year and a half. Hopefully it doesn't die.

Anyway, it took me about 12 months from when I first sat down to learn how to make games to when I got my first flash game sponsorship. During that time, I started and abandoned probably 15-20 game projects. But it was all a great learning experience, and now I'm making money from flash games. =)

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