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A7X New Album 2013 Leaked Preview (Real or Fake)

Posted Apr 21, '13 at 10:54am



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So i found this the other day...
And i was amazed! Im really curious if this is real or fake, but it definately sounds like it could be real, so im hoping for it!
What do you guys think? Do you know if its real or not?


Posted Apr 21, '13 at 12:49pm



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I need to update my Flash Player, which is something I can't do now. In other words, I can't watch the video.

Anyway, if you have A7X liked on Facebook you'll occasionally receive images of their sheet music, .WAV files, and sometimes even tidbits of their new stuff on your News Feed. I'm guessing it's real, but I can't watch it so I don't rightfully know. It might be someone taking those .WAV files and sheet music and replicating it themselves, and if it was good enough to confuse you, they must have done a very nice job.

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