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Posted Apr 24, '13 at 3:22am



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Hi, I'm having trouble with text at the moment. What I'd like to do is enter a text box into a movieclip symbol so that I can have the text perform various animations (move, fade out by lowering alpha value, etc.) however I want the contents of the text box to be based on a variable and able to be changed multiple times during runtime. How do I accomplish this? I can enter a text box into a symbol and manipulate static text easily enough, but I mainly don't know how to change the contents with code during runtime.


Posted Apr 24, '13 at 4:06am



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Make it dynamic from properties. Have in mind that you must embed the fonts used in that textfield though.


Posted Apr 24, '13 at 11:11am



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//var properties or whatever var you want
var txtNum:Number = 1;
//leave blank at first
var text = "";

// add listener "variable_txt" is a dynamic text box
variable_txt.addEventListener (Event.ENTER_FRAME, varShow);
function varShow (event:Event)
variable_txt.text = String ("TEXT:"+txtNum+text);

you can change the number value or text value to whatever you want and the listener will update to show

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