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Posted Apr 28, '13 at 10:17am



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I think there should be more quests, especially for the new games.
- The introduction of the quests has increased the excitement of playing on this site. Now there actually is a reason to play the games because you get rewarded.
My suggestion would be to make quests for the new uploaded games.


Posted Apr 28, '13 at 4:46pm



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Immo... you should be playing games for fun not for the reward
Quests make it challenging and more fun.

You have only 70 quests done, so u can enjoy getting rest of the quests while waiting for new
Max number u can get now is 219


Posted Apr 29, '13 at 5:06pm



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Please try to keep these thoughts and ideas about new Quests in the proper place... I agree on the enthusiasm, but if you want to add to new developments in the Quests system, please post all your feedback in the "Games you want Quests on" - thread and/or the "Official Quests Feedback" - thread, ok? =)