cool I cant wait to see it. another cool piece of information that I use while coding

Instance names, some coding, and other misc lines wont work with spaces so you are forced to combine 2 words, the best thing to do is all lowercase on the first word then one capital starting the second word etc.

for example:
GoldBar- is typed out as goldBar
NewGoldBar- is typed out as newGoldBar

the reason is so you can easily distinguish between the words, but as far as coding goes, it really doesn't matter, I try to do this with everything even class names.

I also took the liberty of playing around with your code a little bit and made a game of my own using old projects and slapping them together


//code preview
if ( Math.random() < 0.03 )
var randomX:Number = Math.random() * 500;
var e = new enemy(randomX, -55);


e.addEventListener(navigation.KILL, dead);
e.addEventListener(navigation.POINT, onePoint);
e.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, hit);

if (e.x