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[Answered] Sword and Magic Trademark Violation

Posted Apr 30, '13 at 1:30am



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I unsuccessfully looked for contact info for the game creators of Sword and Magic. I also couldn't find a way to send this to Armor Game management privately. So, I'm turning this over to you, and regrettably it's public.

Sword and Magic has included the iconic DnD "Beholder" monster. Unfortunately, this creature is trademarked by WotC, as is the Illithid (Mindflayer), and was never in the public domain as a uniquely created creature (one of DnD's few). Trademarks *MUST BE DEFENDED* or the owning company loses them, so they will request Cease and Desist the moment they learn of it. They *MUST* pursue legal action. (Trademarks are *NOT* Copyright, which they could choose not to pursue.) It is vital that the Creators be contacted to remove/replace the monster before WotC discovers the violation: legal action is inevitable. If they happened to include the Illithid later, that has to go, too.

Sorry, I tried to keep this private, but you've too many roadblocks in my way. It's entirely in your hands now. I'm taking no further action.


Posted Apr 30, '13 at 8:47am



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It's not an AG game, so I doubt you'll get much out of it. Get hold of one of the admins if you're desperate.


Posted May 1, '13 at 6:14pm



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Here is who you need to contact.

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