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Where my fav game gone

Posted May 6, '13 at 11:22am



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i used to play ages ago like 2 3 years ago thats one reason i am shocked my account still alive lol but they used to be a game i loved it was a like turn based strategy where writing came up and gave you a choice what your men would do EG ( You see a enemy road block,,,, So the writing would say drive in and take them out quick or sneck close as you can and take them out slow ) next i think it was set in world war 2

Please some one tell me what it is called so i can find it on google or Admins / mods put the game back on here they was about 2 or 3 in the set


Posted May 9, '13 at 6:40pm



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Would love to help you out but your description of the game is hard to understand.


Posted May 11, '13 at 5:58pm



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Is it a game where you just select choices based on what text tells you, or is there something else to it. Please share details of plot.

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