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[Answered] Want to change my armatar

Posted May 12, '13 at 7:06pm



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my armature is old and i changed it but at the top of my screen it hasnt updated?!?! Help me!!


Posted May 12, '13 at 8:16pm



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Maybe there is a lil delay, just wait a bit and check it later on.
You could also try to clean up your browsers cache (google how to do it, depending on the browser you use).

If you have that problem for a while (lets say a day or two) contact an admin (ferret would be a good choice), that could be done by a post on his page, or by eMail (, equal which way, give him a good description of your problem.

Btw, i now see one of the ninja armatars, so the problem might be solved^^


Posted May 13, '13 at 6:16am



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There is some delay when changing your armatar indeed, just like Unleashed said/explained. I think the problem is solved now and you should be fine. If it hasn't changed still, please follow the instructions given to clear your cache and if that doesn't help, contact Ferret, ok? =)

I'll leave the thread open for now, but if your problem is solved, let us know and we'll lock it.

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