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Colony Ranking System

Posted May 16, '13 at 9:32pm



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Ever wonder how ranks are decided in Colony? Well here is a walkthrough guide to why you get the next rank when you do:

The system is very simple... it runs off of a point basis:

10 points for losses.
30 points for wins.
15+ points for every consecutive win above 3.

It takes these points and uses them to sort what rank you are. Once you hit the amount of points for the next rank, you will go up to that rank. Here are the requirements for each rank:

1 = 0
2 = 100
3 = 500
4 = 1500
5 = 3000
6 = 6000
7 = 10000
8 = 15000
9 = 20000
10 = 30000

So now I'm going to give you a breakdown on how many consecutive wins you need per rank, the maximum number of wins per rank, and the amount of loses to get to each rank (but you can not advance a rank until you win a game that will put you above the required points).

Rank 2: 4 consecutive wins/ 4 wins/ 10 loses
Rank 3: 9 consecutive wins/ 16 wins/ 50 loses
Rank 4: 15 consecutive wins/ 46 wins/ 150 loses
Rank 5: 21 consecutive wins/ 91 wins/ 300 loses
Rank 6: 29 consecutive wins/ 181 wins/ 600 loses
Rank 7: 37 consecutive wins/ 301 wins/ 1000 loses
Rank 8: 46 consecutive wins/ 451 wins/ 1500 loses
Rank 9: 53 consecutive wins/ 601 wins/ 2000 loses
Rank 10: 64 consecutive wins/ 901 wins/ 3000 loses

If that doesnt make sense, here is a simpler way of stating the above:

The first part (the consecutive wins) is how many consecutive wins will get you to that rank.

Once you hit the number of wins mentioned in the second part (the non-consecutive wins) you will advance to that rank.

The second part (the loses) is how many loses you will need to advance to the next rank (but you will need to win 1 game per rank because you can only advance a rank by winning the last game you played).


Posted May 17, '13 at 8:04pm



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But rank is resetting, so this is pointless as you will just be sent back to rank 1.

Is that a glitch that krin never fixed or is it intentional?

~~~Darth Caedus


Posted May 17, '13 at 9:22pm



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It is a glitch that Krin never fixed. Krin kinda just gave up on updating during the time when it was most needed...


Posted May 18, '13 at 9:35pm



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pretty sure eagles lost a bunch of games to see if she could rank up by losing and it never happened


Posted May 18, '13 at 10:00pm



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It says that you only rank up on wins.


Posted May 19, '13 at 8:33am



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What about this guide?

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