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Ps4 Vs. Xbox One

Posted Jun 11, '13 at 2:40am



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been an Xbox fan for years now.. will be for a while. i like Xbox controller better.... and i like how we can now Skype


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To sum up the things in the Videos just in case you don't have the time to watch them

Xbox one (done) is making you download every single game. They claim that the games are better and either can't be played correctly on a disc or runs better without the disc
You basically don't own any Xbox One game, you pay for it but god forbid you want to sell it or let someone borrow it, you give it to someone who then turns around and pays a fee on top of your fee to own it. Meaning it is no longer your property, no longer your psychical right. or they are just forgetting about having used games at all and its the Publishers Falut yeah right its their console
They are leaning more towards the TV aspect which is basically saying they are making gaming less unique and more tiresome
They didn't implement anything new with their controllers, they literally the same exact thing. At least you can say they didn't make it worse
You have to be connected to the internet constantly and your console will connect to a server every 24 hours and if you don't have internet then you will have 10 hours to get internet or they will stop your console from working
If you bring your console to a friends house you only have 1 hour to connect to the internet or it will stop playing games
You now have to have a Kinect just to turn your console on and play games

Things they may have done right
Blu Ray
More Memory
Hdmi pass-thru
Controller didn't get worse.

At this point there is no reason to buy an Xbox Done no reason at all. Basically unless they drastically change all their features then the Xbox is Done for and Nintendo and Sony can go back to being the best game companies out there

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