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Need help: Is there any anti missile games?

Posted May 28, '13 at 8:47am



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is there any game where you have one anti-ballistic missile, and you have to intercept incoming missile by guiding the missile into target.

the game should start like "Into Space" and you should destroy incoming missile by guiding the rocket like "destroy village" game.

is there any game like these.


Posted May 28, '13 at 10:16am



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One thread is enough, i let a mod know about this, and im pretty sure he will close one.


Posted May 28, '13 at 11:20am



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I will leave this one open because most users looking for a particular game make a thread in this particular forum; the other one from the support forum is deleted, ok?

As for your question, I can't think of any game like that right now... I will have a look when I have the time, but I can't promise anything right now... =)

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