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"Reality Dream" theory

Posted Jun 6, '13 at 2:14am



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Vsauce just posted a video a few days ago that goes over this topic.

Vsauce - How Do You Know?

I set the video to start where he begins talking more directly about this topic's subject, but it's an interesting video. You should watch it all.


Posted Jul 28, '13 at 3:36pm



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Reminds me of the "Don't wake the dreamer" Story/Theory & the Infinite Reality Theory. INCEPTION...(-movie if you haven't seen it you should.) Stephen Hawking has some of the best theory's on Multiverse & String Theory. Stephen King mentions a few things about "Walk In's" - A person or in some cases an object that 'comes through' or 'cross's over' to our reality, and in rare cases even a whole place can be affected, but from what I've read that would usually be a 'cross over' from or of person to place rather than the opposite. In relation there are odd news reports & strange local reports in areas where these 'events' have happened. Try looking up the so called 'Manhattan Project' that's a weird one... There were a few news reports & articles that mentioned funding for scientific research into teleportation, and an article that stated that a successful teleportation had been accomplished. There's even Theory's about the possibility of Black Holes maybe having or being 'Wormhole's' into another part of our galaxy or another dimension.


Posted Jul 28, '13 at 7:53pm



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Wow... That is way above my head. Whoever wrote that should make it simpler.
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