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L2 NovaWorld

Posted Jun 8, '13 at 3:03am



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Good server accessible for everyone - these five words describe NovaWorld Interlude server perfectly. Be prepared for astonishing performance and new interesting features. You will earn this and more if you will choose NovaWorld Interlude server!

By working on this project for years, we managed to reach optimal gameplay with balanced skills, economics and other major elements.
Server rates:
XP X75
SP X75
Adena X50
Drop Items X25
Drop Spoil X25
Drop RaidBoss X10
Drop RaidBoss Jewelery X1
Drop Quests X10
Quest Reward X1
Drop Fish X5
Manor X5
Max. Enchant amount 16
Enchant Scroll 52%
Bless Enchant 62%
Profession prices (subclass free):
1 profession Free
2 profession Free
3 profession Free
Server features:
GM shop up to B grade.
Npc buffer (2h buff time) 24+4 Buff slot.
Mammon added to GM Shop.
7Signs teleporter.
Unique AI system for Epics and Monsters.
Champion monsters.
Optimized server core who is designed to hold big amount of online players.
General features:
100% Full fixed and working all Quests.
100% Full fixed and working Fortress, Clan Hall, Castle Siege.
100% Full fixed and working all Raid / Grand Boss (Frinteza, Sepulchers, etc.)
100% Full fixed and working Cursed weapons.
100% Full fixed and working Olympiad system.
Auto Events:
Anarchy, FightClub, GangWars, Tournament, DeathMatch.
Show config menu: .menu
Repair account: .repair
Events manager: .events
Offline shop: .offline
Character information: .whoami
Lock/Unlock getting buffs: .blockbuff
Account security commands:
Enable/Disable bind to HWID: .bindhwid
Show HWID bind status: .hwidstatus
Processor: AMD FX-8150 (8 cores).
RAM: 32 GB DDR3.
2x 250GB SATA3 (Raid 1) Corsair Force SSD.
Connection: 25Gbp/s.

The server is ready for your gaming pleasure. Judge it by yourself but remember - once you login, there is no way back!

Ps: Server is not mine.


Posted Jun 8, '13 at 10:57am



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What exactly is L2? Normally I don't venture to the MMO section but the word NovaWorld really caught my eye as I've been a fan of Novalogic for ASIC as I can remember.

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