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national TV channels closing

Posted Jun 12, '13 at 7:07pm



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whit the right reasoning and plans for the future of the people who work there, etc. etc. they could have done it aswell whitout ****ing up a piece of culture

I don't see a plan, at least not one well-thought out. Their plan is something akin to the infamous "we had to burn the village in order to save it" and personally I'm just not a big fan of that school of thought.
Anyway, I don't like criticizing colleagues, but generally making it up as you go along is not a sign of good management. This thing has failure written all over it.

but, this is a opportunity for the private sector to fill up the gap in supply and demand that is created. contracting some of the former employees of the state that have experience in the field wouldn't be hard. they got no job atm. 

I find you quite optimistic! haha :)


Posted Jun 12, '13 at 7:29pm



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I don't see a plan

i'm saying it could be done in a official way if they toke the time to make it, present it, tweak it and and execute it.

I find you quite optimistic! haha :)

dont you see the easy opportunity?


Posted Jun 13, '13 at 8:32am



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Ate it? You think the evil 'Politicians' stole your money?

Wake up mister. Who are these Politicians? If they wanted money they would choose another job. These are peoples who care about Greece. They want to save you.

You know how much Pools are taxes in Athene? 3. Go to google earth and see how many pools ther are. You ate your money. You expended more than you could. You cant afford a national TV. YOU CANT!

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