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Another one word story

Posted Jun 14, '13 at 12:55am



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I'm getting a 404 whenever I try to access the One Word Story forum game, so I'm making my own. The point of the game is to create a story (that makes some sense, be silly, but don't overdo it.) and contribute one word at a time. no double posts.


Person 1: Bob
Person 2: Bob ate
Person 3: Bob ate a
Person 4: Bob ate a sandwich.

The story begins with the following word.



Posted Jun 14, '13 at 1:00am



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Why did you go make a dupe thread just because you couldn't post in the thread? Just wait for an admin to fix it or something, don't create threads on your own.

Here's the link to the thread, if you're so desperate to post in it.

Guaranteed it works.

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