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[Necro] HELP! Forgot the name of this Flash Game!..

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Posted Jun 15, '13 at 9:25am



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Hello everyone, thank you for attempting to help me out. This game actually is like Castlevania Symphony of The Night, except you are a Knight, and your weapon is a sword, you get magic as well.

It's pretty much the same thing as SOTN. It's set in a world where people are hooked in to the game (Think Sword Art Online) and I remember some guy brought Potions into the dungeon and it broke ALL over him. He was upset.

You fight wolves, fairies and other monsters. You have a dashing ability and I THINK (Don't quote me) You can even charge up your attacks JUST like SAO.

Any help would be appreciated! I think it was on this site, or Kongregate (Even NewGrounds.) I JUST CAN'T FIND IT. Lol.


Posted Oct 8, '13 at 10:20am



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Sounds fun but sadly i have no idea what the name of the game is.


Posted Oct 8, '13 at 10:22am



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Since this thread was never answered and the maker never bothered to check it again, it is fair to say it can be locked kashoople. =)