[CENTER][U][SIZE=5]Tribute x100 - LineageII.net[/SIZE][/U]

    [B]Server & Client[/B]
    Server: 100% PTS
    Client: Interlude

    Start: Level 20, D Grade gear, Giran
    Skills: Auto learn
    Shopping Area: Giran Town
    GM Shop: Up to S Grade
    Party Gap: Removed
    Combat Rewards: Trophy reward for each pvp or pk.
    Offline Shopping: /shop_offline

    AA Area (76+): Catacomb of Forbidden
    S Grade Area (76+): Monastery of Silence

    Exp: 100x
    Sp: 100x
    Adena: 100x
    Quest: 10x
    Drop: 10x
    Spoil: 10x

    Maximum chance: 16
    Weapon chance: 66%
    Armor chance: 50%

    NPC buffer: Up to 3rd class buffs
    Maximum buff slots: 24
    Buffs duration: 1 hour, except summon buffs.

    Profession 1st & 2nd: No quest, free to change
    3rd Profession: Collect (100) quest items from MoS and exchange them for 3rd class.
    Subclass: Custom quest, much faster then retail.
    Noblesse: Kill Barakiel, talk with the chest and obtain the staff. (no last hit needed)

    [B][SIZE=4]Unidentifed Items[/SIZE][/B]
    Description: The items name is displayed, but not its special ability. It cannot be equipped or altered with enchantments while its unidentified. It can be traded, dropped, and sold. To use an item, a character must double-click on the unidentified item. The unidentified item then changes into a standard item with an special ability randomly assigned. Only for all S Grade weapons available.


Draconic Bow - Unidentified

    [B]Result:[/B] After applying double-click on it, it will result randomly in one of the following items:

Draconic Bow - Focus or Cheap Shot or Critical Slow

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