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Posted Jun 17, '13 at 10:24pm



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Sveiki Alio!! How are you my new friends? I am from Lithuania I came to America only this year. I am 19 years age. I have brother who helps me with english.

I have question. Can you see my post on a game I am looking for? So sorry for bad english....


Posted Jun 17, '13 at 10:36pm



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How now, friend!

It is I, Sir Riptizoid101, greatest knight in the kingdom of Armor Games! Verily it is so! By my troth, thou wilt hast a most splendid time whilst staying in thy kingdom!

Fair warning, my Goodman, beware of the dragons! Yon fowl beasts hath no remorse for dining on human bones and flesh! However, thou should not be afraid in thy kingdom, for I wilt fend off yon dragons! My deeds art legendary, so thou may place faith on me.

Oh, excuse me for prating away. I hast come hither to welcome thee, not tell of my exploits or legendary deeds. My apologies, my Goodman!

Perchance we'll converse at a later time. If thou in need of a good time, come hither at the tavern! First beaker of ale is on me.

Fare thee well.
~Sir Riptizoid101


Posted Jun 17, '13 at 10:48pm



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Hello and welcome to the land of AG. Where we have rolling fields, wild pangs,(do NOT spell pang with a capital "P") and Elk/Moose/Deer/Things. Where you can make friends in the forums and enemies in WEPR. So welcome, one and all to the land of AG.
P.S. I'm a friendly wolf.
P.P.S. Don't eat or drink anything with pang or Storm in it.
P.P.P.S. What's your favorite soda? I ask you this because I have a poll on my profile, so you can vote for your favorite soda.


Posted Jun 17, '13 at 11:47pm



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Welcome to the Community! Please enjoy a gamerguy smoothie.


Posted Jun 18, '13 at 8:57am



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Hell-O and welcome AG, youre doomed know^^...

... if you ask "Why i am doomed?", simple, youll meet many strange things here, pang (never write this with a capital "p"), a robot (sometimes he looses some parts (a coil for example)), animals (maybe with hats) a log (she wears a hat!), of course some humans, a burning skeleton... youll never get through all of this unspoiled.


Posted Jun 18, '13 at 10:51am



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Hello and welcome dear foreigner! How may I be of assistance to you? That was more rhetorical than anything, sorry to get your hopes up. Anyway, enjoy the company of me and my dearest robot R2.


Posted Jun 18, '13 at 2:46pm



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I don't see you!!! D=<

Get out there in the community, boy!


Posted Jun 22, '13 at 7:35am



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Hello Lithuanian Buddy
Your English is good
Say hi to your brother
I'm TeslaGuy , but you can call me Darko
Welcome here , and stay on this awesome site

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