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World Cup in Brazil...

Posted Jun 18, '13 at 9:43pm



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As you may probably know, brazilian people are now protesting against the money spent constructing Stadium for the WC. I suggest watching this video if you wanto to come to Brazil next year.

Also, for your information:

I read the forum rules and I don't think that I am violating any guidelines. Thank you for you patience.


Posted Jun 21, '13 at 2:29pm



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I have been toying with the idea of going to Rio for the World Cup for quite awhile now. Even before mass protests erupted I was pretty concerned about the reports of inadequate infrastructure. Still, I've never been to a major football tournament despite my love of the beautiful game, and breaking my duck in such a great footballing nation holds a certain romantic appeal. Not to mention the fact that the samba party atmosphere will probably be fantastic. There's also the possibility that England might not even qualify, and with 'Woy' as manager I think it's a not unlikely scenario.


Posted Jun 21, '13 at 10:32pm



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If SA could hold it amidst protests, I'm more reassured that Brazil can as well.

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