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The concept, of color.

Posted Jun 19, '13 at 7:10pm



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You, and me, all know what a color is, it is something that represents something else, like how when you hear green, you think of grass, or a tree, or a shrub, or maybe a turtle. A color can even represent a group of things, like when you hear blue, don't you think of the ocean? Or, water? Yet the ocean contains things that aren't blue, so, wouldn't that mean that, the ocean isn't completely blue? Or, isn't blue at all? Its all about perspective, if your an ant, and all you see around you is green grass, that grass, might not even be a color to you, it just might be the world. We don't picture the world as a color, its just a word, world. Just because you say a color is green or blue, doesn't mean that it is green or blue, it can be any color to someone else. You also cant limit yourself to thinking inside the box, think about it, when you hear red, don't you immediately think of hot? Fire, for example, is very hot. And when you use red to characterize something, the inside of it might not be red, and the thing itself, might not even be red. If, when you were learning colors as a child, someone showed you a leaf, and said it was purple, even thou it is green, you would assume that color was purple, so, every time you see that color, from your perspective, the color is purple, but to another person that color is green. Hearing that, a leaf, you immediately picture it in your head as green, but picture it purple. Does it feel right? No, but that is because its your perspective of it, and even if someone tried to convince you that the color is purple, you would always feel that the color of the leaf is green. So, knowing that, color's don't mean anything, they are just colors, and you cant characterize something as a color, you can only characterize it by what it actually is, not what the color is.


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