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Cool real life stories

Posted Jun 24, '13 at 1:53pm



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Anything weird or cool that you have done


Posted Jun 24, '13 at 3:19pm



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I was walking down the street, armed with just an iPhone, when a bunch of ninjas appeared out of nowhere. I threw the iPhone at one, kicked the other in the balls and ran away from the rest. They cornered me, so I called 911 with the iPhone and they were all arrested. Turns out they were just high schoolers playing a prank on a little Freshman(me at the time)

just kidding, i fell and got 9 stitches in the chin, and the hospital gave me a free Popsicle. Coolest hospital EVER!!!!


Posted Jun 26, '13 at 11:56pm



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Coolest real life stories... Listen closely, because the story you're about to hear is so amazing, it cannot be told more then once...

This fantastic event took place slightly over 17 years ago on February 14th, 1996... It was an unusually dark night, with a light snow falling. Life was continuing as usual for most people, unaware of the incredible event that was approaching...

The hour of my birth. The entire world stopped when I was born, and the NFL on Fox theme played to commemorate this awesome event.


Posted Jun 27, '13 at 8:48am



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My little brother peed in the refrigerator once. I sense a lot of sarcasm here, but that was a true story told by a mastermind storyteller.

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