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[Answered] Can't play Sushi Cat 1 or 2

Posted Jun 28, '13 at 1:42am



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When i play sushi cat after the first level I cant click continue it highlights as it is selected but wont click. Ive also tried downloading it, and the same problem happened. With sushi cat 2 I click start new game and it asks me if i want to start a new game, and it only lets me click no, if i try to click yes it highlights (like the continue button) but wont let me click it.

I really wanna play it! help!

Also where do i go to report these problems besides on this forum?


Posted Jun 28, '13 at 8:15am



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Browser/flashplayer up to date?
You can try do delete the browsers cache, and try to use another browser.

I tested them and i have no problems.

Best way for report, still the forums. But you can also try to ask an admin (posting on their page).
But i would prefer forums, admins/mods view the forum and you can catch other users too.


Posted Jun 28, '13 at 10:55am



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I don't notice a problem with it... Did you try closing and reopening the browser?


Posted Jun 28, '13 at 7:25pm



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I also don't notice a problem, maybe try a separate browser?

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