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I was playing Cursed Treasure 2 for about the last 5 days.
I almost complete the games.
I usually played 1, 2 or 3 maps each day
So, when I gonna play today, all my saves were cleared, and I went back to the first map.
I was saving my game online, with my account
Why my save gost cleared?
I really didnât understand, I probally wonât play any game cause I canât saveâ¦
Excuse for my bad English

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Same happened to me. Online savegame dissapeared.

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Sometimes a online save wont work (lil glitch).
You can try a few things then, refreshing the game page (maybe a cpl of times) could work.
Clear you cache and cookies may help.
Trying another browser is also worth a try.
Note: do not start a new game, cuz its impossible to bring your old saves back then.
If these things failed you can ask an admin if he is able to help you (Ferret for example. Note: admins are employees, they have normal workdays, they are not online 24/7, so it may take a while before they respond).

I test it and my saves are intact, no porblems.

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