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Last letter , and the 10th word sentence

Posted Jul 4, '13 at 7:16am



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The idea for this game fell on my mind when I was trying to sleep . It's somewhat related to acronym game and last three letters into three new words , but this is different

It's about the last letter of a sentence , witch you're gonna transform in a sentence with ten words and all the words must start with the same letter you took

Try to make it to have more sense

And the only rule is : There mustn't be two same words in the same sentence

A : Let's start with M
B : Matt Minotaur Met Mother Maria Mothering Muscle Mike Man Moon
C : Night Nancy Named Nine Nurses Nursing Narrow Number , Next News !
D : Swam Swan Said So Sudden Solution Soap Ship Saluted Sunflower
E : ...


Posted Jul 8, '13 at 4:18pm



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I'm starting with the M, then.

Maybe Michael Might Make More Money Meaning Marking Mitch's Meals.


Posted Jul 8, '13 at 4:26pm



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Sue Serpent says "Susan's sister, Sandy, sleeps soundly. So, scream!"

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