[quote=ninjapretzel]Now I can't find where that post went.[/quote]

Try using that link above, or simply a Google advanced search. Using your username + relevant keywords you can think of (+ this forum only if necessary, using the search code site//armorgames.com/community ), with some luck you'll find what you seek.

But it is a missing feature yes, one will just lose track of some less active/pressing threads, of one's own or of others.


[quote=MacII]I've finally turned my attention to the DuckDuckGo search engine ... it does feature this ability, to sort results chronologically.[/quote]

Actually looks like the code for it is simply sort:date. Have I been missing this for the past twenty years or so? Doh.

I'm not sure of the syntax yet, I find suggestions to use sort=date instead; nor of how it is to reverse date order. Any comments welcome, and other than that I guess I'll just be playing along with it as I go along. Results probably of limited value on a web search anyway, for the reasons mentioned.