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When we were young, the laws did not apply to us. When we were young, we made the rules. When we were young, the world was exciting. When we were young, we ruled the world. When we were young, the world was perfect. When we were young, we were the world.

When We Were Young is a ten-part series looking into how eighters are so much better than everyone else, better than niners, tenners, eleveners, twelvers, and every teener to come who think their time on Armor Games was the most important. (Hint: You're wrong.) The story unfolds in an extremely biased but undeniably true albeit poorly researched narrative filtered through rosy lenses across the span of the golden year and the unnotable years that followed. By referencing specific moments from Armor Games Forum history without referring to specific usernames, it filters out the eighters from the haters, because if you don't know, you're just not cool enough to know and if you do and you're not an eighter, you're just a poser.

Face the truth on some random day at some random hour, starting some day after today.

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