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So, what do you do?

Posted Jul 18, '13 at 10:16pm



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I have about the same job as Patrick Star...


Posted Jul 20, '13 at 2:02pm



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Time to come clean.

I originally intended this to be somewhat of a joke-thread, where we would pretend to have much more awesome jobs than we do in reality. But, moved by the honesty shown here by other users, I have decided to drop the charade.

I don't do anything so exciting or prestigious as training fish in outer space or saving the world from sharks and robots. No. Sadly, I am just your average, run-of-the-mill matador. Just a mere fighter of bulls, surrounded by cheering fans and swooning lasses. I know. I am so sorry for putting on airs and trying to be something I am not. I apologize to anyone who was deceived and thought I was awesome. I'm truly a terribull person.

Basically, all I do is dodge rampaging bulls all day. Pretty mundane stuff. I used to be a traditionalist and stick them with swords as they pass. But I've found that just bopping the bulls on the nose with a large stick is equally effective.

If anyone else would like to come clean about what they actually* do, feel free.



Posted Jul 20, '13 at 2:23pm



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You forgot to answer the most important thing:

Are the bulls from space?


Posted Jul 20, '13 at 3:04pm



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So instead of bopping sharks with a stick, you are bopping bulls with one? Boooorrrriiiinnnnggg

If anyone else would like to come clean about what they actually* do, feel free.

You caught me. I don't work at White Castle..I work at McDonald's.

The shame is unbearable

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