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Writing Guidelines

Posted Jun 26, '08 at 7:26pm



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Original stories, poems, etc. can now be added to this creative forum! Here are some initial rules for writing submissions:

+ Only post original content, plagiarism will not be tolerated.

+ If you would like to post a story, please post a link to where the story is located. Discussion of the story can take place in the thread. The story itself should not be posted in this forum (would lead to too many large posts).

+ You are encourage to be creative, but what you post must still follow the posting Rules and Guidelines of Armor Games.


Please remember:

+ Be respectful of other users writing.

+ Please report inappropriate writing immediately.

+ Please alert a moderator if the above rules are not followed.


Posted Jun 26, '08 at 7:44pm



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Will do! Thanks for the writing guide! I am tempted to actually write something now.


Posted Jun 27, '08 at 12:15am



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first story posted. but i screwed up big time. something went wrong when i copy/pasted it. the quotation marks like went weird.

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